Make It Stick Series

Stickers: An Effective Branding Tool for Everyone!

Whether you are launching a new brand or product, managing a marketing campaign, or just simply helping to promote a local charity event, you need to "get the word out." There are many tried-and-true ways to do this, some costly, and some even free, but have you considered using a sticker? Some consider stickers to be the most effective tool for brand awareness in terms of ROI (Return On Investment).

Traditionally, direct-mail campaigns with 2-5% response rates were considered successful. Now, that never factored in the number of people that engaged (opened and read the mail-piece) without responding, which we could say, is a form of branding and awareness of the product/service offered. You would have to think that a sticker, which engages the recipient differently and let's face it, in a little more of a fun way, would have an engagement rate of at least that of direct-mail campaigns.

In fact, according to Matthew Broberg, a "community builder," podcaster, and public speaker, the ROI from stickers can be anywhere from 5 times to 76 times greater than that of "content cost per view." Granted, that is a wide range, and he measured the engagement return within a specific segment (public speaking event) but his analysis highlights the potential return that there can be by using a somewhat, low-tech strategy in a world that may be oversaturated with high-tech campaigns.

The wonderful thing about stickers is that anyone can create and use them. They can be as simple or as complex as you want while still being effective. Stickers can also be successful when used exclusively if you are working with a smaller budget, or as a part of a more comprehensive marketing campaign, as a complementary extension of your brand. They are universally loved and are a nice physical "touch-point" for your message in an ever-more virtual world.

Bottom line: We at Stickerbuzz like to think that everyone loves stickers and we continually strive to make it easy for anyone to use them to get their message out. So whether you are a crafter, an "Instagrammer," a marketing pro or simply promoting an event, please consider giving us a try for your next sticker project.

22 Jan 2021

Sticker Buzz