10 Ways Stickers Are Used to Communicate a Message

10 Ways Stickers Are Used to Communicate a Message
10 Ways Stickers Are Used to Communicate a Message

Product Stickers

You are probably most familiar with seeing stickers used in this way – applied directly on a product's primary or secondary packaging. Following good design principles and the creative use of graphics, colors, fonts and finishes will help convince the buyer that they are making the right decision to purchase the product. Small businesses and startups can benefit from the low cost of entry to get a product to the market quickly with Sticker Buzz's user-friendly digital print platform.


Promotional Give-Away Stickers

These are our favorite way to use stickers because they cause people to stick them in the most imaginative places while creating added branding opportunities for your promotion. They can be in-store handouts, event marketing giveaways, inserts, or included in direct-mail pieces. You'll also see these stickers at doctor's and dentist's offices, barbershops, etc. as a reward for youngsters when they are finished with their appointment.


Product Companion Stickers

Have you ever opened a package for a newly purchased product and were pleasantly surprised to find a branded sticker included with the product literature? You'll find these in packaging for your favorite electronic products, sneakers, bicycle helmets, and others. It's a great way to complement the product and create viral branding from your loyal followers.


Prototype and Proof-of-Concept Stickers

If you are designing a new product line and want to see how the graphics look on the product packaging, want to show examples to clients, or want to have a photoshoot before you order a large volume of labels, you should consider a small run with stickers before you invest in the larger print run. It's a cost-effective way to view your product and is a much better alternative to printing out art on paper and gluing it to the packaging.


In-Store Advertising Stickers

We've all seen the in-store advertising stickers on the floors of grocery stores and convenience stores used to sell products. Recently, these same stickers have been used to remind shoppers to maintain social distance and direct movement between shopping aisles. These stickers can be used on-counter, on windows or doors, and as cold-case stickers.


Tamper-Evident Package Seal Stickers

Sometimes function might take precedence over form. One example is when if you are trying to establish trust with your consumer and ensuring that their purchase is free from tampering. These types of stickers can be used to seal a product's packaging such as with a clear plastic "clamshell" container that contains baked goods or a sticker that seals a paper bag that contains delivery from your favorite local restaurant.


Cover-Up Stickers

Cover-up stickers are probably our least favorite sticker type because it usually means that a mistake was made on the primary packaging and it's already been printed. You may have a product box with a typo that was missed at the time of printing and it would too expensive to rerun. A small cover-up sticker that contains the corrected text is a much more cost-effective option and could be produced quickly. It's good to know you have this option when you need it.


Service Notification Stickers

You may be the owner of a service-oriented company and want to leave a permanent notification with a sticker that the appliance has been installed or the service that has been performed. Some examples of this are fuel delivery, plumbing, electrical, or appliance repair. This may include the company name, phone number, date of installation/repair, and technician.


Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are one of our favorite sticker types. Scream your message loud and proud to the world. Keep the message simple and clear – you wouldn't want to distract any drivers that are behind you.


Warning and Alert Stickers

These stickers are usually created with bright, bold colors such as black, red, and yellow that evoke an emotional response to pause. You will see these on windows warning burglars that an alarm system is installed or a dog lives there, or on industrial equipment warning of a particular hazard. The intent is to get people to pause and examine carefully before they proceed with whatever they are doing.

If you have a unique way that stickers have been used, please share them. We would love to hear about it.

6 May 2021

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