BCOC Member Success Story

Creating Joy With Every Sticker

At Sticker Buzz, we understand that, for many small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, stickers happen to be one of the most effective means to market their products and services. That's why we have developed an all-in-one print platform around the needs of small businesses, making it super easy to build brand awareness and communicate their particular message.

Some of those needs we've found are the importance of sustainability (we use environmentally sound sticker material), lower startup costs (we offer 10-20% lower pricing than the industry norm), speed to market (we offer a 3-day turnaround with free shipping), and on top of that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee with no "strings attached."

One such business that has benefitted from the platform, is Serious Dirt Botanics, a grower of organic hemp, and seller of CBD wellness products. Although the company was satisfied with another online sticker provider, some late-stage alterations to the artwork pushed back the sticker delivery date to that of the event.

Having ordered once before from Sticker Buzz, they were confident with the quality of the stickers. While Sticker Buzz guarantees a three-day delivery, Hilary H., Serious Dirt Botanics CEO, spoke directly to the Sticker Buzz team to see if they could expedite the order sooner. "We needed stickers for our event by a Thursday. We called Sticker Buzz on Monday and had beautiful stickers in our hands the next morning. We are thrilled with the service that they provided.", stated the CEO.


Sticker Buzz