Case Study

Empathy, A Key Ingredient

Ovenly, an award-winning, retail and wholesale bakery based in New York City, was challenged early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, as were most small businesses in the NY Metro area. Being located in one of the first major "hot spots" in the US, Ovenly was forced to shut its doors and sixty-seven people were out of their jobs. Co-founder and CEO, Agatha Kulaga, worked tirelessly, trying to secure external funding to preserve her business as well as to ensure employment for her employees, who come from marginalized communities.

Sticker Buzz contacted Agatha after reading an article about their difficulty in the New York Times. Haedrich was moved by Ovenly's background story and wanted to help them get through this challenging time. Sticker Buzz provided free stickers to Ovenly, which helped, in a small way preserve the business while the company was awaiting financial assistance. The stickers were applied to curbside pickup and delivery packages. According to Kulaga, "These beautifully branded stickers added a little joy in a very trying time."

Ovenly is an award-winning, retail, and wholesale bakery with four locations in New York City that specializes in "that magic intersection between savory & sweet" according to the company's bio. The company is made up of people with diverse skills and backgrounds from marginalized communities.


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