Case Study

Cultivating a New Relationship

Serious Dirt Botanics, a grower of organic hemp, and seller of CBD wellness products needed branded stickers for an upcoming event at a regional farmers market. Although the company was satisfied with another online sticker provider, some late-stage alterations to the artwork pushed back the sticker delivery date to that of the event.

They decided to give Sticker Buzz a call. Having ordered once before from Sticker Buzz, they were confident with the quality of the stickers. While Sticker Buzz guarantees a three-day delivery on most orders, Hilary H., Serious Dirt Botanics CEO, spoke directly to the Sticker Buzz team to see if they could expedite the order sooner. "We needed stickers for our event by a Thursday. We called Sticker Buzz on Monday and had beautiful stickers in our hands the next morning. We are thrilled with the service that they provided.", stated the CEO.

As a fast-moving, innovative brand, Serious Dirt Botanics will be introducing different Hemp-Related products in the coming year that require some form of product packaging such as cartons, labels, or even brand awareness stickers. Sticker Buzz is ready to accommodate those needs as their business grows.

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