Case Study

Serving Up A Familiar Fare, To Go!

Since 1942, Leo's Tavern has been a hallmark of Garden City, NY, a suburban community 20 miles outside of New York City. Over the years, Leo's became a respite for people from all occupations who have come to enjoy a hearty meal and some entertainment on their way home. Everyone from Stockbrokers to civil servants has relied on Leo's after a long day in the city.

Due to the COV-19 pandemic, operating restrictions were placed on restaurants, and curbside pickup was the only way to continue operating. Even though loyal patrons would be getting the same delicious meal that they have been accustomed to, Co-owner James S. wanted to maintain some form of continuity or familiarity for his loyal patrons. James decided that the best way to maintain some familiarity and connection between Leo's and its' customers would be to just simply add their iconic logo, as a sticker, to the "to go" bags.

"We couldn't provide the entire experience, but just adding our well-known logo to the bags may provide enough familiarity for our customers and Sticker Buzz helped us with some great looking stickers."
Since 1942, Leo’s Tavern has catered to the Garden City Community and surrounding areas. From steaks, pasta dishes, and burgers to draft beer, bands, and more- Leo’s has something for everyone.
Sticker Buzz